Artisan Living's Reduce Reuse Initiative

Artisan Living's Reduce Reuse Initiative

Don't discard your Artisan Living throw; help us to reduce textile waste by sending it back.

Sustainable Design

At Artisan Living, sustainability is at the heart of our designs, extending far beyond the first lifecycle of our products. Our blankets and throws are crafted to last, but we understand that accidents happen in busy homes. Whether your throw has been overly loved by a pet or accidentally thrown into your washing machine on the wrong cycle, if you need to part with it, we’re inviting you to take advantage of our new Reduce Reuse initiative.

Natural fibres, especially wool, have amazing potential for repurposing. At Artisan Living, we’ll break down and re-spin your returned throw into recycled yarn, meaning your much-loved purchase can continue its journey in a new form.

Reduce Reuse

By participating in our Reduce Reuse initiative, you’re not just giving your used throw a fresh start, you’re actively contributing to a more sustainable future.

Reduce Waste: Every throw you send back helps to reduce textile waste. Wool is a natural, biodegradable material, but it still takes years to break down if discarded. By returning your throw, it’s repurposed rather than wasted.

Support Sustainable Practices: Your participation supports sustainable practices in the textile industry. By choosing to recycle and repurpose, you’re encouraging the industry to adopt more eco-friendly methods.

Personal Reward: As a thank you, we’ll send you a 5% off voucher redeemable against your next purchase with us. This means you can continue to enjoy our high-quality, beautiful throws at a discounted price.

Send Back Your Blankets And Throws

We accept all used Artisan Living woollen blankets or throws, ready to regenerate and repurpose them for their next adventure.

Receive 5% Off Your Next Purchase

To participate in the Reduce Reuse initiative, simply post your used item to:

Artisan Living Company
Unit 22
Castle Park

Include your email address with your returned throw, and we'll send you a 5% off voucher redeemable against your next online purchase.

Thank you for helping us to make a difference.

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