The History of Celebrating Seven Year Wedding Anniversaries With Wool

The History of Celebrating Seven Year Wedding Anniversaries With Wool

Have you ever wondered why wool is the go-to gift for celebrating 7th wedding anniversaries? It's not just because it's soft, snug and makes for a lovely present - although that is a big part of it! There's a rich history behind this tradition that makes wool the perfect way to celebrate seven years of wedded bliss.

Why Wool For The 7th Anniversary?

The tradition of giving wool for the 7th anniversary dates back centuries. Wool symbolises warmth, durability and the comfort of a long-lasting relationship. And just like a marriage, wool is resilient and capable of weathering storms while providing warmth and protection.

In addition, in many cultures, wool was considered a valuable commodity. It was not only a staple material for clothing and blankets, but also a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Giving wool as a gift signified a wish for continued prosperity and comfort.

The Romans used wool for everything from togas to wall hangings. They believed wool was a gift from the gods. It was a common wedding gift too, representing a wish for a strong and enduring marriage.

And in medieval Europe, wool was so valuable that it was often used as currency. Marriages were sometimes sealed with the gift of woollen garments or blankets, symbolising the weaving together of two lives.

The Perfect Woollen Gift

At Artisan Living, we understand the significance of this tradition and strive to create woollen products that are not only luxurious but also imbued with the warmth and durability that wool symbolises. Plus, with our modern designs and vibrant colours, these gifts are as stylish as they are meaningful.

Whether it’s a cosy blanket for those chilly nights or a stylish scarf to keep your loved one warm, our products are the perfect way to say, ‘Happy 7th wedding anniversary!’

7th Wedding Anniversary Wool Gift Ideas

Here are our top picks for 7th wedding anniversary wool gifts that offer a cosy and heartfelt touch to mark the occasion. 


A luxurious wool blanket is perfect for cuddling up together. 



A practical but stylish gift, everyone loves a wool scarf.



Soft wool socks are a thoughtful gift, ensuring your partner’s feet are always warm and toasty. 



A wool hat is a chic accessory, particularly if you invest in matching-but-not-matching versions for the two of you. 



Lastly, a wool hot water bottle cover adds an extra layer of cosiness, perfect for nights where you need a little more warmth.

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